The Skylaunchers Due Diligence Process

A 2-5 month evaluation of SaaS companies, to ensure that you are ready for growth.
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& Technology

Scaling is imminent when it comes to global expansion. Our product assessment helps you find potential bottlenecks that will emerge when scaling your product and growing your development team.

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& Management

To support substantial growth we facilitate an organisational review with focus on the management team, the competencies at hand and existing processes, to ensure that your growth potential can be supported.

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& Funding

Financing your potential can be done in a variety of ways depending on the company’s goals. We scout the right investors according to your company’s strategy through our vast global investor network.

Product & Technology

When entering into a SaaS market there are a lot of challenges and decisions that have to be made for the product and the way the development of the product is done. We typically do tech reviews to help our customers find areas with potential pitfalls and make a plan for them, on how to have a best-in-class SaaS product for scalability. Product & Tech reviews ends with a formal presentation of the findings during our in-depth review.

Organization & Management

Building organizations and processes for global scalability within the SaaS industry has it fair challenges. Therefore we help the management team and boards at our customers to plan and execute the right changes to the organization and the processes at the right time to prepare for further growth. We do often help our customers with scouting and interviewing possible candidates for important roles in their organization. Organization & Management reviews ends with a formal presentation of the findings.

Finance & Funding

Financing growth can be done in a variety of ways depending on the speed of which our customers want to go. We normally start out with having a deep insight on the financial track-record and help executing a growth plan backed up by our customers own funds, venture capital or private investors depending on the strategy and potential. Finance & Funding reviews often ends with us securing an investment for our customers, so that they can continue their growth journey.

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